Monday, February 29, 2016

Rip BD/DVD for TV Preserving Original Video in Good Condition

Are you also a person that like to enjoy your Blu-ray/DVD movies on TV without using Blu-ray/DVD player? If so, this article will useful to you.

“I would like to rip a DVD and some Blurays on to Mac then onto a external usb drive to play them on my TV. Is there a software that will help me to do so?”

Why Rip BD/DVD for TV?

Ripping your Blu-ray/DVD discs to TV can make you enjoy the movies on TV from computer with HDMI cable even you don’t have an external Blu-ray/DVD player. 

Converting your BD/DVD movies to TV supported formats then transferring them to external hard drive allow you stream Blu-ray/DVD movies on TV via USB port without using the discs again. 

Making a copy of Blu-ray/DVD in TV playable format not only can let you watch movies on TV, but also can protect your discs to prevent them from destroying and scrtaching. Putting the ripped DVD/BD movies in TV compatible format to external hard drive can have you carry them with you. Then no matter you will go on a business trip or a family trip, you can insert your external hard drive to TV in hotel or car TV to enjoy your loved Blu-ray/DVD movies.

Best BD/DVD to TV Converter to rip BD/DVD for TV

After searched on the web for the DVD/BD to TV converter, you can find thousands of results, but not all of them can really help you rip and convert BD/DVD to TV, you need to polish your eyes to distinguish which one is the good one that you need.

Here, I suggest Pavtube BDMagic, with fast running speed and reliable operation. For TV users, this Blu-ray/DVD Ripper can remove the copy protection on Blu-ray/DVD movies then convert them to TV supported MP4, WMV, MOV, etc format and optimzed preset preserving original video in good condition. It can copy and convert the normal DVDs, CSS protected DVDs, commercial DVDs, Sony ArccOS DVDs, all region 1-6 DVDs and any commercial Blu-ray disc, folder, ISOand so on to the right video formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4 and so on that your TV can support playing.

What's more, if you have some other devices like iPad Air 3, iPad mini 4, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, Galaxy Tab S, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Surface Pro 4, PS4, PS3, Xbox, NAS, HDD, etc. the best Blu-ray/DVD Ripper also has them as its output choice, which means you can also convert BD/DVD videos to them to play DVD/BD videos on them or via them.

Free download and install: 

Other Download:
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Steps to rip DVD/BD for TV preserving original video quality in good contdition

Step 1: Import DVD/BD movies by clicking “Load from disc” button to search for the right video from your computer hard drive to this app. 

Step 2: Choose optimized video format for HDTV playback. Here we recommend MP4 as output format which is the best for all HD TV. Or you can choose the optimized preser from TVs profile according to your TV brand.


Tip: If necessary, click “Settings” to set profile presets as you desire. Parameters like video codec, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, audio channels, and more are allowed to reset in order to achieve a better DVD/BD playback on HDTV. 

Step 3: Hit on the “Convert” icon and DVD/BD to TV conversion begins. 

When the conversion completes, you just need to transfer converted DVD/BD movie to USB drive, and then you can play these DVD/BD movies on HD TV in good quality without using discs.

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