Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Enjoy your DVDs for watching on the go - DVD News on Sep 9

What are you waitting for? This weekend which great DVDs are coming out? Let’s see this list of September 9, 2014 DVD released date. 

Top 1. No Good Deed DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 12
Director: Sam Miller
Studio: Columbia Pictures  


Follows a former D.A turned stay-at-home mom and her two small children who are terrorized and kidnapped after she invites a handsome but mysterious stranger into their home to wait for help after his car runs off the road.

Top 2. Palo Alto DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 9
Director: Gia Coppola
Studio: Tribeca Film 


Palo Alto weaves together three stories of teenage lust, boredom, and self-destruction: shy, sensitive April (Emma Roberts), torn between an illicit flirtation with her soccer coach (James Franco) and an unrequited crush on sweet stoner Teddy (Jack Kilmer); Emily (Zoe Levin), who offers sexual favors to any boy to cross her path; and the increasingly dangerous exploits of Teddy and his best friend Fred (Nat Wolff), whose behavior may or may not be sociopathic.

Top 3. Burning Blue DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 9
Director: D.M.W. Greer
Studio: Lionsgate Films

A government agent is assigned to an aircraft carrier after two flight accidents to find the cause of the problem. The investigation takes a wide turn when a sailor informs the agent that he saw a high ranking airman at a local gay club. The agent then begins to dig into the private life of not only the accused pilot, but the rest of his flight squad as well. As the airmen and their wives are suddenly made to deal with what has become a glorified witch hunt, they must quickly decide who they can truly trust and who they cannot.

Top 4. A Long Way Down DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 9
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Studio: Magnolia Pictures 


A disgraced TV presenter (Pierce Brosnan), a foul-mouthed teen (Imogen Poots), an isolated single mother (Toni Collette) and an aging pizza delivery boy (Aaron Paul) – decide to end it all on New Year’s Eve. When this disillusioned group of strangers unintentionally meet at Topper’s Tower, a trendy jumper hotspot, they agree to call off their plans for six weeks. Their written pact inadvertently binds them together and sweeps the public up--transforming them into unwitting media sensations—as they discover that even accidental families make life worth living. Four people meet on New Year's Eve and form a surrogate family to help themselves weather the difficult holiday period. 
Top 5. Words and Pictures DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 9
Director: Fred Schepisi
Studio: Roadside Attractions 


Prep school English teacher Jack Marcus (Clive Owen) laments his students' obsession with social media and good grades - as opposed to rigorous engagement with language. A one-time literary star, Jack has not published in years. He's let the school's literary magazine fall into ruin. He's estranged from his son. In short, Jack has much to despair of, and when Jack despairs, Jack drinks. A lot. Jack's drunken behaviour has been bad enough to have him banned from a local upscale pub. Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche) is an abstract painter. Like Jack, she was once celebrated for her art, but the onset of arthritis has made the physical act of painting too painful to bear. Jack finds Dina attractive but icy; he flirts with and provokes her with equal relish.   
Top 6. God's Pocket DVD
 DVD Release Date: September 9
Director: John Slattery
Studio: IFC Films 


Set in the gritty blue-collar neighborhood of God's Pocket, a man's crazy stepson is killed in a construction "accident" and the man quickly tries to bury the bad news with the body. But when a local columnist comes sniffing around for the truth, things go from bad to worse. The man finds himself stuck in a life and death struggle between a body he can’t bury, a wife he can’t please and a debt he can’t pay. 

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