Tuesday, September 20, 2016

22 Tips to take care of your Blu-rays & DVDs

Much like tapes in cassettes or spools and lacquer records, Blu-rays and DVDs although much advanced, are prone to wear and tear. In its life time it moves so many times. Despite all claims, the data is not guaranteed to stay for all the time to come. Pre-recorded, branded and reputable Blue Discs could last a century too. The main threats to such claims are the scratches. Scratches can be so fine that your eyes may not detect them and if the ridges made during the data burning process are cut across, you are bound to lose the data. While movement, it can also be smudged with greasy deposits that could possibly penetrate the fine ridges, not visible to the naked eye.

We may find information on salvaging data from a malfunctioning Blu-rays/DVD, but the success rate of recovery is almost zero.

All we can do is take all the care we can. Here we present the measures that one can take to prolong its life.

  1. When buying blank Blu-rays/DVDs always go for the branded and reputed ones.
  2. Go for the premium quality.
  3. It should be stored correctly.
  4. Original case that it came in is strongly recommended to be used.
  5. Blu-rays/DVDs must be stored in a cool place.
  6. Blu-rays/DVDs must be stored in a dry place.
  7. Blu-rays/DVDs must be stored away from light.
  8. It is best to anchor your Blu-rays/DVD on the anchoring pin, inside the box; this leaves the surface in air.
  9. Cases that can hold multiple Blu-rays/DVDs might assure convenience; what it may not assure are scratches. Exercise caution when using such cases / albums.
  10. When buying albums/cases, choose one that provides the softest lining possible.
  11. Linings if removal, must not be exposed to air else it could accumulate dust.
  12. Such albums/cases must not be left outside; dust particles could accumulate in.
  13. Protect your Blu-rays/DVDs from fingure touch
  14. Wiping if ever, must be done with the softest wiping cloth.
  15. Smudges should be wiped clean.
  16. These are best kept away from reach of children.
  17. Keep them out of reach of pets.
  18. Use water-based permanent markers to label them.
  19. Do not allow ink to reach the recording surface.
  20. Exercise all precaution you can when placing it on the DVD tray so it does not scratch
  21. Do not keep the disc at any place other than the tray or its case
  22. Make Duplicate of Blu-ray and DVD to Protect Physical Discs. By copying Blu-ray and DVD movies to hard drivethumb drivecloud serviceNASexternal hard drive and so on, you can store your physical discs to attic, basement to save space of the cupboard. You also don't need to worry your naughty kids destroy your discs.

Backup a Blu-ray/DVD the Easy Way with Pavtube ByteCopy

If you want to make some backups of your DVD collection, the easiest solution is Pavtube ByteCopy, which can not only rip just about any DVD/Blu-ray, but can convert them into any format you want really easily — so you can put those movies or TV episodes on your mobile device or tablet the easy way. It’s literally as simple as inserting your DVD/Blu-ray, selecting the output format, and clicking a button. Done.

Key Features of ByteCopy:

  •  Powerful, practical and easy to use

  •  Lossless/uncompressed MKV export from Blu-ray/DVD

  •  Multi-track MP4/MOV/AVI output

  •  Back up Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder and/or ISO file to computer or blank disc fast

  •  Professional technology to copy DVD/Blu-ray

  •  3 different DVD copy modes: entire copy, diretly copy, copy Blu-ray/DVD to digital files.

  •  Preview content before copying

  •  Clean interface with all info showed

Although Blu-rays or DVDs – blank or prerecorded – are abundantly available these days, it can be a real loss if you fail to find that rare movie or the rare hands-free exercise DVD. Secondly, losing the DVD that you burned after spending plenty time collecting and burning your favorite stuff can be quite painful. In the remote possibility of losing any of your discs, you would find solace in exercising all cautions described here.

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