Friday, March 4, 2016

Can You Play DVD Series on PC in Episodes?

A TV show lasting 8 seasons is likely to make you give up because you don’t believe yourself that you can take 2 hours everyday to watch the episodes. That may be the reason why TV Series DVD becomes popular, like the bloody TV show Hannibal. When you get a TV Series DVD, you perhaps play the TV Series DVD video on PC with DVD drive. 

But when your PC is too old or you have stored too many things on PC, it’s probably a little bit noisy when you directly play TV Series DVD on PC with internal DVD drive. And a TV Series DVD video is normally at least 4 hours even longer. When you play the TV Series DVD on PC with the physical DVD disc, your disc is easy to get scratched. So as your TV Series DVD video is too long or you want a quiet environment to enjoy your TV Series DVD video on PC, I suggest you to rip TV series DVD's to PC in order to watch them without the DVD disc and DVD drive.

In all likelihood, any commercial TV Series DVD will be copy protected. So when you would like to rip an entire TV Series DVD disc set and convert the episodes to individual MP4 files for your Windows Media Play on PC, you need a DVD Ripper (Learn DVD Ripper vs. DVD Copier). Today we’ll take a look at how to setup and batch process an entire TV Series DVD set on PC using PavtubeDVDAid (See other choices)and the H.264 codec.

Pavtube DVDAid can remove DVD copy protection on TV Series DVD and then convert TV Series DVD to seperate MP4, WMV episodes to play on PC with WMP. Of course, it also can rip TV Series DVD to MOV episodes to iTunes then you can enjoy the TV Series DVD on iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3. It can keep original video quality but if you need to compress the TV Series DVD size, you can adjust video resolution and bitrate to get smaller size.

For Mac users, pls use Pavtube DVDAid for Mac

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How to rip TV Series DVD to PC in separate episodes?

Step 1: Load TV Series DVD

Launch the program and add the TV Series DVD you want to rip by clicking the “Load from Disc” icon on the main interface. Select the Title dropdown list and inspect the listings. You’ll see a group of titles and durations. And the whole main title of the TV Series DVD has been ticked automatically. You should find a group of titles with running times that match the approximate running time of a single episode in the series.

In our example, we are converting a series of one hour shows, so we have two titles running close to an hour. For a broadcast TV program it will be more like 40-45 minutes for an hour show and 20 minutes or so for a half hour program. You may want to refer to the original DVD if you aren’t sure of the number of episodes per disc and running times. You can ignore any additional smaller clip. They are likely to be intros and extras. Select the first title you’d like to add from the dropdown list.

Step 2: Choose outptu format

Click “Format”, you can find many video formats in the dropdown list, you can choose the one you need like “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” from “HD Video” option.

Tip: Click “Settings”then a new window will pop up. Here, you can adjust A/V parameters and adjust the video size on your own. You can preview the output video parameters and size in the chart. 

Step 3: Start to rip TV Series DVD to PC

Hit the “Convert” button to rip TV Series DVD to PC in MP4 format. Just wait a moment and then you can output the videos including all chapters of the episode you needed.

After ripped TV Series DVD to PC, then you can enjoy the TV Series DVD video on PC with WMP without DVD disc and DVD drive.


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