Friday, February 28, 2014

Best way to copy/rip DVDs/Blu-ray/3D movies to hard disk for iPhone 5S

Movies can make our lives are about to get a lot more colorful, but we also need a program to rip/copy blu-ray movies to our devices and enjoy it. Pavtube Blu-ray ripper is a good idea. Here is a customer review:
I’m very pleased to share my experience of choosing Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper which is a rather professional converter to rip/copy Blu-ray and complete Blu-ray copy task. 
My name is Vincent, I have two kids and have a lot of DVDs and Blu-ray discs for kids stuff and family movies. I started the search on this topic because my kids, though careful, are 5 and 8 and despite their intended caution, do some damage to our disc. After careful consideration, I decided to backup discs and keep the movies on hard disk or put them to my new iPhone 5S and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet when we are traveling for our children without noise. 
When I was looking for, I have become a professional player about the prospect of storing our collection on a hard drive and making a disc if and when i need, also it support convert to MP4 file and then put onto my devices for easily. 
Jeff, a friend who recommended that I copy into. One day, I picked a copy of Pavtube’s Blu-ray ripper which seems be a one stop solution for me, and simple is best for my aptitude. I can copy all my DVD’s, 2D/3D Blu-Ray movies to a hard disk and then to my iPhone 5s and Galaxy tab 3. 

We’re all appreciate for your share, we will do our best to afford your needs. With your support, we can become better and better!
Step-by-Step: How to copy or rip all (3D) Blu-ray and DVD movies for personal entertainment?
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1. Add any Discs to our program.
Click "Add video" button to import original files or drag and drop the original files to the software directly.

2: Download the Profile Patche to get iPhone 5S best video formats(only for windows users), Eg:iPhone 5S/5C H.264 Full HD 1080P(*.mp4)
3: Choose output format for iPhone 5S. 
Click "Format" dropdown list to choose a compatible format for Iphone5s. After that, you can choose "iPhone 5S/5C H.264 Full HD 1080P(*.mp4)" under "iPhone" option which is friendly to iPhone 5S. If you don’t want full size, the iPhone 5S/5C H.264 HD 720P(*.mp4) is also offered. 
4: Convert videos to iPhone 5S.

Click "Convert" button to start converting the format with iPhone 5S smoothly. Copy the generated files to Iphone5S and then you can enjoy them whenever you want to without any problem. 

To be honest, I am not sure of understanding all formats, but it can play around with different output formats as this thing does. In a word, Pavtube is a good choice. 
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