Thursday, February 27, 2014

Convert DVD music videos to Apple TV/ Tablet playable m4v files

Hello,I recently moved into my new place and along with the move, I purchased some new goodies, such as iPad, Iphone5S, Apple TV 3. so that, I need a program to rip DVD to playable videos onto my Apple TV when I feel boring or lonely.
At the beginning, I guess there is no way to accomplish this, but in fact I’m wrong. I searched it my issue on google, and found lots of DVD Rippers. So, I picked Pavtube’s DVDAID which seems to be simple to rip. It can rip DVD to ATV supported M4V files playback. Besides, it also has the ability to occasionally convert a movie for playback on tablet is handy.
Last weekend, I did a couple of brief trials with DVD Ripper and I had to say it’s a very professional program and we should buy it.

I had compared with the Nero and Handbrake, but so many issues with audio/video with both Nero and Handbrake - hard to tweak settings between movies. Pavtube’s is more stable and   support iPhone, Nexus 4, iPad & iPad mini - streaming video, games, work (editing viewing MS office files, pdf’s) remote access to files

Ok, the best option is to rip your movie collection to your hard drive(s) and use a conversion tool to compress them into smaller files. If you are a Apple TV user, try this best DVD to ATV Ripper, get anything as you like.   

The details about the converting process: