Sunday, June 1, 2014

Microsoft smartwatch to feature Kinect tech?

The Xbox team has reportedly taken over responsibility for developing Microsoft’s smart watch, according to reports. 

The Kinect team is now back in charge of spearheading development of Microsoft's smart watch.
Details are scarce but, according to Forbes, the watch will have a focus on fitness, with an array of advanced sensors built into it. 
Quoting an unnamed insider, the report claims that Microsoft’s smart watch will only feature a small display. And, interestingly,  the display will be placed on the inside of the wrist with the intention of making it easier for users to keep notifications to themselves. 
As for how big the display will be, Forbes reports it will be the size of “half a stick of gum”. It’ll also pack in a battery that should hold enough charge to last for two days. 
Another interesting tidbit to emerge from the report is that unlike most of the Android-based smart watches on the market, the Windows smart watch won’t be restricted to one mobile OS. 
Instead, Microsoft reportedly plans to let users connect their iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 handsets to the smart watch. 
It’s still unclear when Microsoft is intending to launch the smart watch, or exactly how the Xbox team will influence the development but Forbes claims a summer 2014 date is still possible.

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