Monday, June 23, 2014

Directly copy DVD to VOB files with VLC Media Player on Mac

As you know, If we are always play the DVD discs, the disc will be damaged. It’s a big problem for movie fans and they will feel upset. Now, it will require a process called 'ripping'. Just few steps can achieve the dircetly copy DVD to get the VOB files with HD media player on Mac. 
“Like everybody I get stressed out because of my inability to play movies I purchased as a DVD on portable media players, computers without DVD drives, etc. I'm an open source nut so I don't want to pay for $50 software that doesn't work that great. Luckily I found out how to rip DVDs to VOB files using my favorite media player- VLC.”

Yes, he found this website and It solve all the possible issues. To rip a DVD means to digitally extract the movie from the physical DVD, turn it into a digital file and convert it to the appropriate format for the device on which you want to watch it. Well, how can we use DVD to VOB files converter to rip DVD sucessfully and transfer the DVD VOB to media players on Mac? Hold on reading...

Part I: Get start to Directly copy DVD to VOB files with Pavtube BDMagic for Mac
1. Download a free trail and Load DVDs to this DVD to VOB files converter. 
2. Click "Format" drop-down list and choose "Copy > Directly Copy" as the VOB files preset with best video quality.
3. Start DVD to VOB files to VLC Conversion. Click the "Convert” button and finish it to get the VOB files. 

Part II: Play VOB files by using VLC 
Just as what tell on, the VLC player is capable of playing vob files, because it is able to tell your DVD drive where to look for the decryption codes. It operates just like any other stand alone DVD player would and in some cases may give you more control over the rewinding, fast forwarding and skipping chapters then a DVD player can. But that depends on what DVD player you have so you have to decide for yourself if playing vob files on the VLC player is worth it. No matter what your opinion, playing vob files on the VLC player will suffice if you have nothing else. 
Hope this guide can help you finish the task. Enjoy the DVD to VOB files with VLC Media Player on Mac. 

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