Monday, June 23, 2014

Nice movie review: Maleficent- “do not miss it!”

A fairy who was deceived by human in pursuit of his dream of living in a castle – to be a king. Soon the King and the Queen had their first baby. During the grand christening, everyone in the kingdom was invited including the pixies when except for Maleficent. Unknowingly Maleficent came to join with the celebration and gave her gift to the Princess – she’ll prick her finger in a spindle before the sun set at the age of 16 and she will fall asleep just like death. Nothing can ever awake her except for a true love’s kiss. This curse can never be retracted even by the strongest force on Earth. Princess Aurora was then was left by the King and Queen in the custody of the pixies confident that the curse will never happen.

As Princess Aurora grows, Maleficent became fond of Princess Aurora that she loved her as if her own daughter however; no matter how she tried to revert back the curse; she’s always a failure. True enough, no force can ever take it back.

The time has come and the oath has happened. A prince charming came and kissed Princess Aurora but she never woke up. With all regret and sorrow, Maleficent kissed the Princess and she awoke – the kiss of a true love.

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