Saturday, April 5, 2014

Film Review: “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones”Blu-ray movie


Directed, written by Christopher Landon, based on the film “Paranormal Activity” by Oren Peli. Camera (color), Gonzalo Amat; editor, Gregory Plotkin; production designer, Nathan Amondson;  set decorators, Teresa Visinare, Julie Ochipinti; costume designer, Marylou Lim; sound (Dolby Digital/Datasat), Walter Anderson, Ed Novick, Steve Nelson; re-recording mixers, Joe Dzuban, Daniel J. Leahy; visual effects supervisor, Woei Hsi Lee; visual effects, Atomic Fiction; special effects coordinator, Mark Gullesserian; stunt coordinators, David Rowden, Charlie Croughwell; assistant directors, Mark Anthony Little, Dale Stern; casting, Carla Hool. 

Pleasantly disposable 'Paranormal Activity' spinoff invests the found-footage horror franchise with some welcome diversity and humor.

It would be a wild exaggeration to suggest that “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” breathes new life into the increasingly fumes-fueled found-footage horror subgenre, but it certainly represents a shot in the arm for this series after 2012’s poorly regarded “Paranormal Activity 4.” Functioning more as a mythology-expanding spinoff than a proper sequel, this fifth installment (the first directed by longtime series writer Christopher Landon) smartly moves the setting away from airy suburbs to overcrowded working-class apartments, and introduces a winning sense of humor that almost compensates for its relentless reliance on every terror trope in the book. A pleasantly disposable slice of off-season chiller product, this Paramount release should easily win the weekend’s box-office race. 

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