Thursday, April 24, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 outsells Apple iPhone 5s in the US on launch weekend

Samsung is on a roll with the Galaxy S5, even though reports prior to the launch indicated that sales would be slow for the global smartphone leader.

A new report by iQmetrix highlights that Samsung sold more units of the S5 during its launch weekend (April 11-13, 2014), compared to Apple’s iPhone 5s (September 20-22, 2013).

During the launch period, the Galaxy S5 comprised 23 percent and 18 percent of the total phones sold in the US and Canada respectively. On the other hand, the iPhone 5s comprised just 18 percent of total phones sold in the US and 13 percent in Canada, during its launch weekend.

Breaking down the Galaxy S5 sales by region – it comprises 41 percent of phones sold during April 11-13 in the Southern US region, 30 percent in the Northeast, 23 percent in the Midwest, 21 percent in the West and 18% in Canada.

Another interesting bit the report highlights that despite the upcoming Galaxy S5 launch, Galaxy S4 sales were at its peak during the 2013 holiday season and also in January 2014. On the other hand, during the six month period prior to the iPhone 5s launch, the iPhone 5 sales dropped progressively.

It’s been just under two weeks since Samsung brought the Galaxy S5 to markets around the world. Samsung has been gung-ho about the prospects of the S5 since day one and has proclaimed that it will outsell the Galaxy S4. Check out our Galaxy S5 unboxing video.

Moreover, a recent report revealed that the S5 accounts for nearly one percent of the entire Android market, in mere two weeks. The Samsung Galaxy S5 now makes up about 0.7 percent of the entire Android market, according to the report. That’s a staggering figure which proves that sales are well on track for the global smartphone leader.

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