Friday, April 25, 2014

I would sharing my happiness to everyone, Join us and get hot deals!

My name is Hailey, I works for Pavtube, My birthday is on Apr 29 2014, To celebrate my birthday, Pavtube studio decided to offer 50%~70% off discount for Pavtube DVD Ripper and gather all the sale on Apr 29th to throw a party for me. I fell very embarriesd. Isn't it amazing and sweet? 

So that, I wanna sharing my my happiness to everyone, come on, join us!
Here are three ways to participate our Hailey's Day to get DVD Ripper offers~

1. Download our questionnaire and fill the info to win 70% OFF!

The info you may need to fill are: you name, you hobbies, facebook address (or Google+, if have), your multimedia devices models and three simple questions like where you get to know Pavtube, your suggestions, etc.
We promise we'll never reveal your privacy to others.

2. Share Hailey's Birthday page to win 60% OFF!
You'd choose to share our hot deals to your blog, facebook or Google+, and recommend Pavtube to five friends. By sending us the screenshot of your sharing, you can get 40% off Pavtube DVD Ripper (Win/Mac)!

3. Share your photos with "I love Pavtube or Happy birthday to Hailey" to win 50% OFF
Hold a paper with "I'm XXX, I'm from XXX, I love Pavtube!" and take a photo with it, email it to us to get 50% OFF!

Let's collect blessings from all over the world to this lovely girl^^Come and bless Hailey a unforgettable birthday!

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