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How to rip a DVD to a computer - with three easy methods

“I have a couple instructional DVD's that I want to copy onto my computer. I want to be able to save then into a folder, so that I will be able to play them off the hardrive without the DVD's. I have searched and am unable to find a simple answer. I have tried Ripping the DVD's to a folder with DVD Decrypter and it seemed to work. They are not encripted DVD's. But I end up with several files that will not play. They are *.BUP, *.IFO, *.VOB. I also have Super@ on my computer, but can not figure out how to use it to do what I want. Is there a simple way to copy a DVD to my computer, for playback? Seems to be such a simple thing to do.” 

You may have the same problem. In actually, there are endless reasons why you might want to rip and convert a movie from a DVD and store it on your computer. You might want to watch a new DVD on your iPad or tablet (which do not have DVD drives); you might just want to backup your expensive movie collection; another reason might be that your DVD collection is bulging and you want to free up some room in your house (a terabyte hard drive full of movies could save a huge amount of cubic meters in your house). Anyway…enough rambling on about why you might want to do it, here's what we think is the best way to go about ripping DVDs to your computer. 

We should note that PC Magazine does not condone any form of piracy: We aren't highlighting these DVD-ripping tools so that you can rip every Netflix movie that comes in the mail. But they're handy for backing up your purchased DVD collection and freeing up your movies so that you can watch them on the device of your choosing.  

Here, we give you Top 3 choice. You can also complete this goal and we will show you the way of Pavtube and hope this guide can help you out!
Pavtube DVDAID

Free Download it and follow steps :

More features about Pavtube DVDAID:
This program is regarded as the best DVD ripping software on the market that provides movie lovers, children and people in any group with the easiest and fastest way to rip and convert DVD movies to MP4/AVI/MKV/WMV and many other video and audio formats with high quality. It lets you enjoy DVD movies on any portable device like iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, Lumia 920, PS4, Xperia Z, Surface, etc.
Moreover, Pavtube DVDAID makes 1:1 copy of original DVD Disc without quality loss with all audio streams, subtitle tracks, extras, etc. For the short time it takes to convert the movie with the help of CUDA/AMD GPU acceleration, and you will get hours of enjoyments. It's simple to use and well worth the investment. 

How to rip a DVD to a computer?
1. Install  PavtubeDVDAID  on your Windows/Mac. 
2. Launch it and load your DVD movie from DVD disc .
3. Click the “Browse” button to set output folder where you want to save the copied DVD movies.
4. Alternatively, you are suggested to choose “Common Video -> H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4)” for putting DVD to an external drive for playback.
5. Click big Convert button on the interface and then you will get a conversion dialogue box to show the exact progress, like time left, estimated size, state and so on.

DVD Decrypter

This legendary DVD ripper was taken down in 2005, but you can still find downloadable copies of it floating around the Web. It's completely free, stable, and feature rich. DVD Decrypter isn't a one-stop, but pair it with the free Videora iPod Converter and you can easily get your movie into an iTunes-friendly format. From there, you can load it onto your iPod or iPhone. Note that because DVD Decrypter hasn't been supported in three years, it may not always work with the DRM on your DVDs, but it did work on our test DVDs. 


This cross-platform (once more for emphasis: a cross-platform) DVD ripper is open-source, free, and highly customizable. It optimizes DVDs and video files for just about every portable device you'd want to watch a movie on, plus devices like the Apple TV. The step-by-step guide from: How to rip a DVD to a computer?

Finally, you can play your DVD library on computer with a small little tweak. It can be enabled very easily. Earlier versions of computer show the files fine.  Obviously, there are lots of ways for ripping DVDs, managing them, and streaming them, so feel free to post your own ideas or methods on the subject! Enjoy! 

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