Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movie Review: JUST MARRIED

"Just Married" is another old movie that my husband and I watched.

This +romantic +comedy movie was released in theatre 11 years ago. Whoa! I was still in +college that time.

The main cast were Brittany Murphy as Sarah McNerney and Ashton Kutcher as Tom Leezak. Brittany was came from a rich +family while Ashton is just an ordinary guy who work in a +radio. 

The two meet when Ashton accidentally hit Sarah with the ball while playing football. The two sleep together and decided to get married. Sarah's family oppose this married thing but despite the opposition the +wedding got through.

The newly wed is now on their way to their +honeymoon in a classy hotel at the foot of the alps. But due to accident happen in the +hotel that almost create fire, the +couple were forced to live this +classy hotel. 

Then the +adventure began.

To be continued...

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