Monday, May 19, 2014

An Easy Way to Rip Audio from a DVD, and Save as WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG Files

“How do I extract Audio from a DVD? I have several DVD's that I want to export or else import - (I really don't know which way is better) selected areas within the overall audio. Any suggestions will be most welcome.” 

“Program to rip audio from DVD, free and easy to use?  I am wanting to rip audio from a DVD (about 10 segments that are 3-5 minutes apiece) into MP3 format to burn on CD. Any suggestions on programs that do this, that are free and easy to use? And before I get a lecture about doing this, let me just say that the particular audio that I want is NOT sold on CD, and I would love to be able to listen to it in my car. Thanks!”

Have you met this problems? Well, you should be happy now. In this post, I will share you with an easy solution, Pavtube DVDAID, to your problem. This program is a decent DVD audio ripping software which enables you to extract sound tracks from DVD movies easily and quickly, and then save the DVD tracks as WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG files with excellent quality.
At first, you should know the Knowledge about the features of various audio formats:
MP3: most popular audio format, will compress audio file in a smaller size with lossy quality, supported by MP3 player, DVD player and other hardware and software.

WMA: high compression, quality is better than MP3 and support audio streaming, suitable for online play, supported by most portable media player. 

WAV: lossless compression, popular among PC users, tone quality is very good but audio size is too big, supported mainly by smart phones like Nokia N90. 

M4A: Mpeg-4 Audio format, employing DRM technology to restrict copying (an easy way to re-encode DRMed M4As to open MP3s) , use it for iTunes program.

AAC: higher compression, provide better quality at lower bit rate, support multi-channel, Apple’s standard iTunes and iPod audio format, supported by Apple product, Nokia mobile and other devices.

FLAC: open format, lossless compression, make smaller size without any information being lost, but cannot store floating-point data, supported by many software and hardware. 

OGG: similar with MP3, open source, support multi-channel and audio streaming, create smaller file size and keep audio quality. 

The compression ratio: AAC > OGG > MP3/WMA > FLAC > WAV

Audio quality: WAC=FLAC > AAC > OGG > MP3 > WMA

Next, you need to do is:

Step one: Download Pavtube DVDAID, install and launch it. Then load the already inserted DVD to the program. 

Step two: Click “Edit”to trim the part of the video that contains the audio you want to grab and the clipped will become source file automatically. 

Step three: Hit the pull-down menu Profile and hit Common Audio to select the correct audio format for your device. Power users have many more options to tweak output settings for the video/audio as you like. 

Step four: Hit “Convert” to start conversion. When it is done, transfer the music to your device. 

Just have a try and it is easy to use. Hope it can be helpful to you! 


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    2. It's really a easy way to extract Flac audio from DVD. However, I also use free programs like Handbrake or VLC to do that. Maybe below guide can give you another train of thought on how to rip and convert DVD to FLAC audio on Windows.